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Fictional content on seniors.Read and have fun.

Life Hacks-#1

In this post you will get to know what are the gadgets are present in the market to enhance your travelling experience.

New Announcements

we have some announcements to make ,what we going to publish in upcoming months and we have detailed everything in this post.

Amazon gaming world

Hola Amigos!!! I hope you all are fine and making your lockdown days productive.Tomorrow is Eid-ul-Fitr, as we all are well known with the reality that these days are not the same old days so, please follow the guidelines given by the government and while celebrating keep safety measures in our mind. If you are bored in this lockdown then I have a good news for you ,Amazon has came up with a new surprise for you to overcome with your boredom in this lockdown.Amazon is the emerging  platform for many things as shopping, books but it enters into the new world of gaming as Amazon Games Studios. Amazon launches it's latest game crucible Amazon launches it's latest game Crucible on Wednesday (May

My Opinion: Youtube vs Tik Tok

Hola amigos!!!! How are you amigos by now you might have got an idea about today's post .Yes today's post is about YouTube vs Tik Tok well you all must be bored in this lockdown right but I have some suggestions for you recently two new trailers had launched Ghoomketu ,"GULABO SITABO"and the trailer of Christopher Nolan's "Tenet" please go and watch them on YouTube inspite of seeing shity and cringe videos on Tik Tok in my opinion if you want to see shit why to waste your data simply do one thing keep a watch on street dogs or on your pet dog, when he/she is about to shit record a video of that thing and whenever you want to see a Tik Tok videos you simply open that recorded video and Bingo,


Hola amigos!!! we are back with another part of Adharma to keep you entertained during this lockdown.If you haven't read first 3 parts please go and read them first before going further as this is a final chapter of this story and I had enjoyed while writing all the parts well first part was published on last Thursday and this part is also being published on the same day what a coincidence if you don't you agree with me please tell me in comment box, what do you think it was pre planed or it is a coincidence. Adharma Adharma(Soul) Adharma(Origin) Part 4 I don't have any option, I have to trust Kavita Devi so I decided to pack my things and set out for a new journey.Dwarka also know as Devb


Hola amigos!!! we are back with another part of Adharma to keep you entertained during the lockdown.If you havn't read first 2 parts please go and read them first before going further. Part 3 (Origin) After getting called by an anonymous person, I was worried about Anu and Monu so, I requested to the senior's officers to handle the security issue of them so that I can freely work on this case now this problem was resolved and now I had to find answers of many questions so I returned back to Rudraprayag on that same day. I went back to that ashram and there I got to know that Kavita Devi was in Haridwar I haven't checked the 2nd room so I decided to open the 2nd room after opening the room

Do you want to start a new carrier in this lockdown ?

Hola Amigos!!!.. I hope you all are healthy and staying safe in your respective places . Do you want to earn money from home but you don't have enough skills to get employed then ENJINIA is going to helps you how you can carry out your life during lockdown. Nowadays, everyone wants to earn money from their respective homes due to these pandemic situation of coronavirus then, here comes a great solution for you of marketing as Affiliate marketing, social media marketing and digital marketing . One thing is that you don't have to more physical works no programming skills but only go through a device either mobile phones or laptop having internet facility and go through your earnings. Digital m

How to live a healthy life in lockdown

Hola amigos!! I hope you all are healthy and staying safe in your respective places . ENJINIA is going to helps you how you can carry out your life during lockdown and increase your immunity system. Disclaimer:- I want to say that these would be very helpful for you to increase your immunity but it cannot be work like medicines for Covid-19. There is no vaccine for Covid-19 till now in the market , only social distancing is the best way to safe from Covid-19. If you want to live your life in a healthy way during the lockdown and boost your immunity then you are at the right place as ENJINIA will surely guide you how to live a healthy lifestyle during the lockdown. Here are some steps you

My Routine: Lockdown Special

Hola amigos!!!! How are you guys, I hope you all are fine and spending quality time with your family in this lockdown. Today this post is based on my schedule or to be more precise my lockdown routine well thank you so much for showing your love and support, thank you to each and every person who reads my blog and fictional content. Due to lockdown, I'm not following a fixed schedule but what I'm going to share with you all is likely the same routine which I follow daily. My morning starts at 10:00 Am immediately after waking up my first thing is to check the updates of previous day post like views and comments, Facebook and Instagram. After that I discuss what we will be going to post today

How to Earn money online

Hola amigos!!! I hope you stay safe from Covid-19 and be protective keep following social distancing and many more precautions.  If you want to earn money and wants to utilise your time during lockdown then you are at the right way. ENJINIA helps you to grow. Earning is the basic need of all. Everyone wanted to earn more and more, to live the life he wanted. Earning money is essential to living luxuries and comforts.  I just want to say that earning money is very easy but keep patience in it. During lockdown, people get bored and irritated everyone who wanted to earn something during the lockdown have to use the following methods that anyone can use to earn from home and quarantine yoursel


Hola amigos!!! we are back with another part of Adharma to keep you entertained during the lockdown. nainam chindanti sastrsni nainam dahati pavakah na cainam kledayantyapo na sosayati marutah. No weapon can cut the soul into pieces, nor can it be burned by fire, nor moistened by water, nor withered by the wind. PART 2 I was totally fucked up and my mind was blanked after listening Rudra died 3 years ago, I was standing on the verge of closing this case I was having the biggest lead of this case but these 4 words had poured water on my investigation and on the other hand continuously news were coming of the dead bodies found in Mathura and Dwarka. I decided to start my investigation from st

Amazon prime latest series “Paatal lok” launched

Hola amigos!!!!. I hope you all are safe and protected from novel coronavirus effects. You realise that you are getting bored into the lockdown at your home then don't get worry because Amazon prime, Netflix , Hotstar and many others are Coming with an extra ordinary series that entertain us today we are going to discuss about the Patal lok the Amazing Amazon series. Patal lok officially released on Amazon prime video and here comes with the details review of the Patal lok. Patal lok the Amazon prime web series produced by Anushka Sharma and sponsored by clean slate movies. This film comes with the great ideas. This is casted by Jaideep Ahlawat ,Neeraj Kabi  , SwastikaMukherjee ,Abhishek Ba


Hola Amigos!!!!!! THIS IS NOT A NORMAL POST AS YOU ALL KNOWN THAT EVERY THURSDAY WE COME WITH A FICTIONAL CONTENT.THIS PLOT IS INSPIRED FROM THE GREATEST MYTHOLOGICAL SCRIPT OF ALL TIMES MAHABHARATA. yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya glaanirbhavati bhaarata | abhyuktaanamadarmasya tadaatmaanam srijaamyahamh || When there is decay of dharma (righteousness) and rise of adharma (unrighteousness), then I (the Lord) am born in this world. Part 1 “3 men's dead body found in river Yamuna in mathura, died in a bus accident in Dwarka” Prabhu :Anu check this headline from last 3 years we are seeing incidents like this and all people think that this is a coincident but how it is possible, people are dying ev

How to get organic traffic in lockdown Top SEO Tips and Tricks

Hola Amigos!!!.. Hope you are all safe, taking measure and enjoying your time with your family during lockdown. If you want to grow your business, your article, your organic traffic of the contents then you are at the right place. ENJINIA helps you to grow up in every situation. When you have to start a business then there is no competitor of your, it helps you to grow quick. The SEO means Search Engine Optimization it helps you to grow your online business, your online content to the more people and you get more organic traffic. Some special measures to SEO's are:- Create quality content. Keywords Use social media. Blog regularly Recommend to blogosphere Meta tag's Image SEO's Use backlink


Hola amigos!!!! How are you.I hope you all are fine and healthy , this is a very hard for all the people in the world as we all known why because of corona well it sounds like beer but this is a serious issue and everyone is affected but in coming days it will be worse for all of us and all this does not happen suddenly china gave sufficient time to this virus to grow , I don't known what will happen to China when things will become normal as this virus affected many powerful countries and many people are dying and in some countries economy is at the verge of getting, all this look like a horrible dream but this is a bitter truth.Many diplomats are saying this could lead us to world war


NOTE: There is nothing personal to anyone.This is my personal experience , what I have experienced in my first year of engineering in Biet Jhansi. In a students life , college life and school life is very interesting and important phase of a life.After 2 -3 months admission for colleges will be going to start and exactly one year ago I was in this phase , every student wants to go in IIT's , NIT's , GFTI's or same good private college of India and off course I was one of them but after one year of engineering I came to known it doesn't matter whether you are from iit or nit because many people are doing well in their life without having a degree well this is ironical. I was depressed a

Introduction of robotic during lockdown

Hola amigos!!!! Hope you are all safe and enjoying in our respective places during lockdown. The technology is continuously increasing day by day the AI not affected by the lockdown. There is a vast relationship between medical and technology is grown, many medical treatment done by technologies. During the lockdown and the novel coronavirus effects the robotic introduce in the medical treatment they work like a nurse and serve all the patients only by mobile phones this helps in creating a social distance between the human and helps to safe from Covid-19. The robotic machine moves automatically to patient rooms and operation theatres, covering all critical surfaces with the right amount of


DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.Title is named in Maori language, in English which means Transgender. NOTE: If you haven't read chapter1 please read it first before going further. Welcome back people to TBNT channel I known this break went too long but now we are back so hold your breath and get ready to dive. PART 3 (2nd half) Every human on this planet has feelings and I was one of them, day by day my feelings was getting stronger for him like magnet a



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