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Updated: May 29, 2020

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yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya glaanirbhavati bhaarata |

abhyuktaanamadarmasya tadaatmaanam srijaamyahamh ||

When there is decay of dharma (righteousness) and rise of adharma (unrighteousness),

then I (the Lord) am born in this world.

Part 1

“3 men's dead body found in river Yamuna in mathura, died in a bus accident in Dwarka” Prabhu :Anu check this headline from last 3 years we are seeing incidents like this and all people think that this is a coincident but how it is possible, people are dying every Thursday in same cities for last 3 years. Anu: Prabhu not again please, I knew you were the in charge of this case and from last 2 years I'm listening to your useless, baseless, pointless theory about this case, please don't talk about these crap in this house, it can affect our Monu.

My own wife is not believing in me what I can expect from others well right now I am a suspended police inspector because everyone in my department thinks I am a sick person with useless theory; but I know this is not a baseless story, I'm very close to solve this case. How these incidents can be natural and is they are an only coincidence, what do you people think about it please let me known in comment box. Last year I was assigned as incharge of this case, from last 3, years every Thursday we are getting 2-5 dead body in Yamuna and same day 10 -30 people was dying in Dwaraka government thought all this can't be a coincident, and they formed a committee last year, and I was appointed as incharge of that committee. I went to Dwarka for investigation and I found only one clue that when I added first alphabet of names of the person who died in accident like Manas, Harsh, Aman, Devendra, Ashish, Ravi and Amrat. I was getting ADHARMA which was meaningful because The shri Krishna was also known as Dwarkadeesh and Mathura was birth place of shri Krishna all these were related to each other, boom I decoded the first link but wait now what does this means that shri Krishna is doing this, I was very confused, and days were passing and every Thursday new cases were coming then I decided to change my view on this, I have to link all this in a mythological way, how Thursday is related to shri Krishan oh shit shit shit!!!!! Everything was linked to Mahabharata Thursday is a day of lord vishnu according to Hindu mythology and shree Krishna was avatar of lord vishnu adharma, dharma, Dwarka and mathura all this was related to Mahabharata. Well I want to tell you that I'm atheist, and it was hard for me to digest what was going on. I decided to keep a watch on Yamuna river, I ordered to seal all the points where ever Yamuna is accessible I had to find that motherfuker, and we got a lead at Brahmand ghat we found a van and in van 3 dead body bingo, driver ran away. In van there was a key chain and on key chain there was an address of an ashram, till now, I was making base for my story now the main story starts.

Rudraprayag, Alaknanda river and Mandakini river meeting at a point what a scene and the river is so clean and pure , nature and greenery everywhere.On key chain there was address of RIDHI SIDHI ashram which is in Rudraprayag so, without wasting any time I board in a bus from Delhi to Rudraprayag. I went to that ashram and I asked about key chain from owner and she said every worker of this ashram is having this key chain as we give them when they join us and I replied I wanted to meet all your workers. I enquired every worker twice but this doesn't made any difference , I asked to owner any worker is on leave and she said no then I said to her , right I want to check your ashram. I checked whole ashram but I didn't get any nothing , two rooms were locked they seem to be suspicious , I broke the Lock and entered in room , my mind was crashed after seeing the walls of the room, articles on table and sketches on the wall ,everywhere the same question why Krishna provoke Arjuna to kill Karana , Krishna was knowing if Karana will alive then his friend Arjuna will not be the best archer in world , was this dharma, why he did this , Krishna has to bear the consciousness.I was shocked but at the same time happy because I cracked the case.I ran to owner and asked who lives in this room I want to meet him/her and she replied in a low tone Rudra , 3 years ago he died in a car accident in Dwaraka and one more than he was an orphan.

Next morning in newspaper

"4 death body found at Vishram ghat in mathura , 40 died due to gas leak in Dwarka "

Please tell your views in comment section and next part of this story will be published on Saturday.I hope you liked it.

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