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we are back with another part of Adharma to keep you entertained during this lockdown.If you haven't read first 3 parts please go and read them first before going further as this is a final chapter of this story and I had enjoyed while writing all the parts well first part was published on last Thursday and this part is also being published on the same day what a coincidence if you don't you agree with me please tell me in comment box, what do you think it was pre planed or it is a coincidence.

Part 4

I don't have any option, I have to trust Kavita Devi so I decided to pack my things and set out for a new journey.Dwarka also know as Devbhoomi Dwarka is located at the bank of Gomti river the city of shri Krishna and you know what it is ironical, people who want to take revenge from shri Krishna is hiding in Dwarka well I have reached to that address and I killed Kavita Devi and as I promised.

Breaking News

"Kavita Devi was behind all these mysterious murders, she was the owner of Riddhi Siddhi ashram in Rudraprayag , her death body is found in mysterious way in Dwarka and Mathura in two different parts , police said she was a psycho killer and further investigation is going on."

I think I have skipped something , I'm really sorry. when I reached to that address ,I don't know what happened at that time but when I opened my eyes my hand and legs were tied and Kavita Devi was standing with a saw in her hand.

Kavita Devi: Oh officer i'm sorry for all this inconvenience, keep yourself comfortable it will take only 5 mins and after that you will be free from every knot of your life.I don't want to take any chance as you were very close to solve this case so I have to do this, sorry again and one more thing I had already given order to kill your wife and son now it will be more easier for you to cooperate with me.

Prabhu: I was knowing this, it could be a trap but what happened to kali and Rudra you killed them.I swear if you open my knot I will show you moon and stars in just one slap and what did you do with my wife and son ,I swear I will tear you in parts stay away from them.

Kavita Devi: Look officer I had told you earlier i'm soul, i'm everywhere ,i'm the one who is kali and Rudra I am in everyone , I'm dharma and I'm adharma it was just an illusion for the people like you ,they never exist in reality , they never born oh! sorry they were born in my imagination but not in real world.I just gave justice to peoples in my way , I haven't killed any innocent as you are well known with our government and system they take so much time to give justice ,in some cases this would be a fast process but in majority cases you have to wait.

Prabhu: You are a fucking psycho criminal who murdered 677 people ,you are very obsessed with Mahabharata and all sort of mythologies tell me now what you are doing is dharma or adharma, you moron.

Kavita Devi: Look son dharma and adharma is depend upon frame of reference I am doing dharma by killing people but for you it is adharma. so, you understand it all depends on which side you are standing and now you are a stone in my way of doing dharma.

Well I was knowing this could be a trap but before coming to this place, I had talked to Gujarat police for help and they insure me that local police will help me with this situation.I had told local police If I don't call you in a hour you will track my location and immediately start the rescue operation.They arrived till then I had lost my left hand, after a vey fussy attempt we got control on her meanwhile I was freed from all the knots but I lost my left hand, when a story starts it's end is also written then it was time to end this story without wasting a micro second I cut her in 2 piece as I promised.

It's been 5 years now and situation is normal ,no more news on mysterious death bodies.I have taken voluntary retirement from police services , pension is transferred every month in my bank account, for side income I work as a maths teacher in a school.Sometimes I think what Kavita was doing was right but the way of doing was wrong but what it matters now.

The end

I hope you enjoyed Adharma and of course this part also. Please let me know your opinions in comment box and share as much as you can if you like my work. If you are thinking what happened to Anu and Monu then I had dropped a hint in the story itself.

Be safe and keep practicing social distancing.

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