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Updated: May 20, 2020

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we are back with another part of Adharma to keep you entertained during the lockdown.If you havn't read first 2 parts please go and read them first before going further.

Part 3 (Origin)

After getting called by an anonymous person, I was worried about Anu and Monu so, I requested to the senior's officers to handle the security issue of them so that I can freely work on this case now this problem was resolved and now I had to find answers of many questions so I returned back to Rudraprayag on that same day. I went back to that ashram and there I got to know that Kavita Devi was in Haridwar I haven't checked the 2nd room so I decided to open the 2nd room after opening the room I was sure and shocked, everything was in the same manner as Rudra's room was, the only difference was questions were different this time why always women are harassed, there was a scene of "Draupadi's cheer-Haran" sketched on the wall, everywhere article related with women harassment, molestation and rape's, all sort of these things were there in that room and I personally feel this is wrong but for this, there is a law in our constitution. I was sure this room belongs to Kali but I don't have solid proof to put them behind the bars and there was no news of Kavita Devi, unfortunately, I didn't have enough proofs to prove my theory so, I decided to return Mathura and submit my report but they rejected my theory and they thought I was in stress because of this they suspended me and closed this case.

Its been 3 years now and continuously cases are coming but who cares, no one is believing in me now I am a normal husband and a father whose work is to wash underwears and help Monu to finish his school homework.

Prabhu's phone is ringing

Prabhu: Hello

Kavita Devi: Hello Prabhu sir please help me

Prabhu: sorry I didn't recognize you

Kavita: sir I'm Kavita last year we met in Rudraprayag, sir kali is gone mad she is gone out of control please help me, sir, she will kill me and I will tell you everything please sir I don't want to die. please save my life.

Prabhu: Ooh you are miss Kavita Devi, just shut up and get lost. You have 2 mentally disturbed ginny pigs why don't you ask help from them.

Kavita: Sir I used to conduct seminars in that orphanage for the first time I met Rudra and kali there, they were very curious about my saying and they were very fond of mythology, Mahabharat, Ramayan, Vedas and these type of things. I used them, I programmed them like I was wanted to but I have never ordered to murder innocent peoples they always used to ask me the same question but I don't have answers so, I said to them we can't change past but we can change future and we made a plan we will kill those who are related to molestation , harassment and rape in Dwarka and in Mathura who is not appropriate for a job but he is doing because he is born in the better community or he has power and source to take that job from a deserving candidate. we started killing ,after killing I used to do funeral work by doing this we were making money also , everything was going smooth but I don't know what happened to them they start enjoying it. I don't want to die, sir, I will tell everything to you and court please sir save me.

Prabhu: Great finally you realised after 675 murders, now you want to confess alright , I will help you i want to know your location.

Kavita: Sir we are in Dwarka sir please help me save my life, sir.

Bingo,i am having the location and i'm going to tear them in parts, rudra and kali is a puppet kavita she is the root of that tree whose fruits are rudra and kali she, used them.I have to cut root of that tree wait but what happend to rudra and this could be a trap also.

I hope you liked it ,final part will be publising on Thursday and if you love it please share as much as you can and final part will be going to be a blast so stay connected and please tell me your opinons in comment box.

Be safe and Keep practicing social distancing.

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