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nainam chindanti sastrsni nainam dahati pavakah

na cainam kledayantyapo na sosayati marutah.

No weapon can cut the soul into pieces, nor can it be burned by fire,

nor moistened by water, nor withered by the wind.


I was totally fucked up and my mind was blanked after listening Rudra died 3 years ago, I was standing on the verge of closing this case I was having the biggest lead of this case but these 4 words had poured water on my investigation and on the other hand continuously news were coming of the dead bodies found in Mathura and Dwarka. I decided to start my investigation from starting and started connecting the dots to make a big picture. I am atheist and it was hard for me to digest all these things, after reading Bhagavad Gita I was also baffled with the same question. The address of orphanage given by the owner of the ashram was in Agastmuni, 40 km ahead of Rudraprayag. I took a bus, reached to Agastmuni and went to that orphanage and asked from caretaker did Rudra used to live here

Caretaker: Yes Rudra is our child, what happened officer is everything is fine.

Prabhu: Yes everything is fine, how was Rudra's attitude when he was a child and how did he come to this orphanage.

Caretaker: Rudra was a very brilliant student in his school days and his attitude was very friendly with others, those big eyes and a shy type of a smile on his face every time and the way of talking can influence anyone easily. Someone dropped Rudrand kali outside our orphanage and at that time their age was 5 and 3 so we decided to admit them to our orphanage. When Rudra was in 12th class they both get adopted by a lady and nowadays he lives in Haridwar and in fact 3 days back I had talked to them they both are happy and fine.

Prabhu: What wait a second Rudra is alive, how this is possible please do a favour on me can you give the photo of that lady.

After seeing the photo all my hair on my body got straightened, the photo was of Kavita Devi the owner of ashram oh fuck this means she fooled me, she messed up with the wrong guy she has to pay for it and wait a second it can be possible that caretaker is also lying to me, there is a possibility that all this could be a trap. I was totally confused and this time also I had nothing in my hand and in the ashram there was 2 room, why didn't I open the second room fuck and now who is kali.

Prabhu's phone is ringing

Anonymous: nainam chindanti sastrsni nainam dahati pavakah na cainam kledayantyapo na sosayati marutah.

Prabhu: sorry I didn't recognize you, who are you

Anonymous: I am a soul, I am everywhere, well-done officer I had to say that you have balls you came a long way.

Prabhu: Shut the fuck up you motherfuker and I swear if I find you I will cut you into two pieces, one part will be in Dwarka and other will be floating in the Yamuna and one more thing nowadays which company is offering cheapest tariff in hell, ass hole, you think yourself very smart from where are you calling.

Anonymous: Prabhu darling how is anu and monu are they safe.

Phone disconnected

All these things were like an illusion, what is going on is, who was doing all this, many questions were in my head and they were colliding with each other.I have to go back to Rudraprayag to find my answer and i have to open that room, I had to know who is kali.

I hope you all liked it, next part will be published on next Tuesday till then keep our curiosity alive and please let me known what are your opinions in the comment box, share if you like it.

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