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I hope you all are fine and making your lockdown days productive.Tomorrow is Eid-ul-Fitr, as we all are well known with the reality that these days are not the same old days so, please follow the guidelines given by the government and while celebrating keep safety measures in our mind.

If you are bored in this lockdown then I have a good news for you ,Amazon has came up with a new surprise for you to overcome with your boredom in this lockdown.Amazon is the emerging  platform for many things as shopping, books but it enters into the new world of gaming as Amazon Games Studios.

Amazon launches it's latest game crucible

Amazon launches it's latest game Crucible on Wednesday (May 20). It is the free-to-play and third-person shooting game .It is Amazon’s answer to rival titles like Fortnite , PUBG, Overwatch and League of Legends.

This is the game played on the laptop,desktop like the region of alien's planet but there also needs for a perfect room to play.this game's basic version is available for free while the premium version is available for price of upto INR1,099.

Amazon also revealed that in August 2020 a new game launched by Amazon named "New World".

Besides selling a premium version of Crucible, Amazon earning through in-app purchase by selling digital merchandise and seasonal battle passes. Meanwhile, it is speculated that Amazon will launch the New World in two versions standard and deluxe which will be priced at $40 and $50 respectively.

Amazon towards Gaming

Amazon the largest ecommerce website over whole world it has made his premium versions and entry in gaming by 2012 from prime membership offered by Amazon.

Amazon also provides it's web service to the major gaming platforms in 2014, "Twitch" to launch Twitch prime in 2016.

Amazon tried to compete with the tech king Google in terms of gaming,although google and many others are tried to go through the gaming platforms.

Recently, Facebook was said to be  its entry into the game streaming segment by the launching "Facebook Gaming" for a global audience. The US-based social media platform is also looking to speed up other gaming projects as well, including a new tournament feature.

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