• Nikhil Pal

Beaware of these threats during lockdown

Hola amigos!!! During the lockdown period  the companies , colleges are shut down all the work is about to shut,but people wants to work so they do their work online . People used their personal devices such as mobile phone, laptops, PC's that cause severe risk to their gadgets as well as their data. Millions of people used to earn money online.

The rapid increase in the usage of mobile devices, laptops and PC's combined with the low security level, so cybercriminals easily targets these ones. Working on their personal network is a soft target for the cybercriminals. The risks and problems that you face related cybercrimes are 90% are created by you by the less training and knowledge on cybertrainings. It companies defines that there are increasing attacks on mobile devices.  There are a lot of vulnerability that helps hackers to access to your data,steal important information.

There we are going to tell the advice to optimise your device.

Delete Malicious apps

Installing a lot of unknown application to your device cause a great threat to you , whenever you install a app it also created a short hidden file to your device that is a type of malware and helps to maintain connection to your device and steal data.

Network based attack

Many sites you visit is also create a cache data file to your device a trash file is created which connects you to the another network and share your data. Clear all your temporary data files.


The many cybercrimes are 90% held by phishing. By this the cybercriminals redirect to the another web page and steal all your information so always block redirect and popups from your browser.

Some advance tips and tricks to secure youself from cyberattacks

  • Regularly clear all your browsing history, cache data,cookies .

  • Change your password regularly, and create a strong password with alphanumeric.

  • Manage your blutooth security.

  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi

  • Turn off Automatic redirect,updates etc.

  • Use a latest security app

Hasta la vista amigos!!!!!!!  


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