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Best Frontend Framework For Web Development 2021

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How are you guys? I hope you all are fine and staying safe at your respective places. Welcome back to our another post, In this Post we will discuss on best frontend framework for web development as the 2020 year is almost at the end so, here we see that which framework is best for upcoming years.

Which framework Is Best ?

Talking about the relative popularity of each framework, the below graph shows the overall usage popularity of each framework listed for best frontend frameworks in 2020. you can see that from the past ten years jQuery is the most popular framework and the reason for it's popularity

jQuery still performs wonderfully when you don’t need to use giant frameworks like Angular and Ember but need faster development with minimum functionality

but you can also see that after the year 2017-2018 Angular and React have been in huge demand.

As you can see from the above graph react angular and Vue.js are demanded frontend framework for upcoming years so without wasting time let's try to understand each of these in more details.

1. React

what is react ?

  • react is a java script library created by facebook

  • react is a user interface library

  • React is a tool for building UI components

react stand out because of it's virtual Document Object Model (DOM) , which offer it's exceptional functionality and it's also a best platform for those who suffer high traffic and need a stable platform.

Advantages and Disadvantages of React :-

when to use and when not to use React :-

react is use to build user interface ,if you want to develop an interactive interface with less time especially when you want to develop single-page applications than react is best framework for you.

if you don't have better command on java script than react is not recommended for you Also, for inexperienced developers, the JSX learning curve is a bit tough.

2. Angular

What is angular?

  • AngularJS lets you extend html with html attributes called directives

  • AngularJS provide built-in directives and user defined directives

  • AngularJS directives offers functionality to html application

it's impossible to see that angular is not in the list of best frontend framework it's one of the most demanded framework that is based on typescript language angular was developed by google and officially launched in 2016

Angular is unique with its two-way data binding feature. it means there is a real-time synchronization between the model and the view, where any change in model reflect in view or vice versa. you can also you these framework for multi-pages as well as progressive web apps.

Compared to react , angular is quite difficult to learn there is innumerable documentation available they are too complex and confusing .

Advantages and disadvantages of Angular :-

when to use and when not to use angular :-

angular is a structural framework for dynamics web apps ,Advantages & Reasons To Prefer AngularJS For Application Development. The best facet regarding AngularJS is that it is a comprehensive solution for unfailing front-end development. The developers need not worry about the other modules and can without any strains develop data-driven web applications using JavaScript.

if you want to built application with limited scope you will not be able to use the resource that angular provide angular is a complete solution as a frontend framework for those user react is best option react is quite easy to learn and if you want to built application with limited scope you will easily use the resources that react provides.

3. VueJS

Vue is a progressive framework for building user interface unlike other monolithic frameworks, Vue is designed from the ground up to be incrementally adoptable.

Vue provide built-in directives and user defined directives.

it's very simple and straight forward framework one of the most popular framework it remove all the problems that angular developer face it's two major advantages is visual DOM and component based 2-way binding .

it can handle both simple and difficult process very easily it's versatile and help in performing

multiple task very easily.

advantages and disadvantages of Vue.js :-

when to use and when not to use Vue.js :-

Vue.js is recommended for flexible design structures. It lets you design everything from scratch and is successful in developing giant projects as well. 

there is not support community for answer the problem and complexities that uses face Also, the applications requiring stable components aren’t suitable to be built with Vue.js since the framework has shown problems with the stability of components. 

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