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Do you want to start a new carrier in this lockdown ?

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I hope you all are healthy and staying safe in your respective places . Do you want to earn money from home but you don't have enough skills to get employed then ENJINIA is going to helps you how you can carry out your life during lockdown.

Nowadays, everyone wants to earn money from their respective homes due to these pandemic situation of coronavirus then, here comes a great solution for you of marketing as Affiliate marketing, social media marketing and digital marketing . One thing is that you don't have to more physical works no programming skills but only go through a device either mobile phones or laptop having internet facility and go through your earnings.

Digital marketing

First of all we are going to discuss about marketing, Marketing is a type of advertising a company's products in a way to influence the customer.

If you have your own business then it is far better to market your product and gain profit and the online marketing gives you a long platform to a startup business.

Here I am going to discuss about some of the marketings.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the best way to sell products online over any region it is a internet facility based on devices such as mobile phone, laptop, tablet, desktop to promote product and service.

Digital marketing contains all the online marketing such as:

  • Search engine optimisation

  • Email marketing

  • Viral marketing

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Influencer marketing

  • Content marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • Ads marketing

  • Strategy towards digital marketing

Here are some rules that you have to follow to get success in digital marketing.

Unique planning

It is the first step towards digital marketing which is very important to begin with it. You have to plan a new and unique idea or having low competition or that is not in the market yet. This give a a long jump towards your success of marketing. According to Dr Dave Chaffey there are three main steps towards digital marketing as opportunity, strategy and action.

Some of the steps are:

  • Go through your objectives.

  • Learn from your mistakes

  • Attractive nature towards audience and be familiar with them

  • Yo have to go through your budget and team members

  • Go to action of these strategies

  • Review your strength and identify the change needed.

Relate it to your audience

Always try your products to relate with your audience, this gave them more interest towards your products and these relation also help them to prefer you the first and then to others they are much rely upon your's.

Coutomers satisfaction

Your first priority is to satisfy your customers.Because their satisfaction gave you one more chance to check over your mistakes and difficulty they face. For more customers satisfaction you have to provide good quality, good discount, good service and fair price.

Customer rating is good for your marketings.

We are described here short explanation and in the next we will discuss about social media marketing and Affiliate marketing.

Hasta la vista Amigos!!!!!!


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