• Sameer Kumar Singh

Famous restaurants to eat in Lucknow in 2020.

Hola amigos!!!! i hope you guys are safe and healthy. Lucknow -city of nawabs and culture.Yes today we are going to talk about famous restaurants to eat in "Lucknow". I'm very excited today because I am from Lucknow and more than 50 times I have visited to these restaurants with my families and friends. Lucknow is famous for its old design monuments ,chicken clothes and for taste.Vey well said by Mathur sahab in Jolly LLB 2 "Muskuraiye aap Lucknow mein hai"

Tunday Kababi

Tunday kababi Aminabad is best known for its variety's of kebabs and curries.

This outlet is 100 years old and the amazing thing about this place is that they don't compromise with the taste.If you are visiting to Lucknow after lockdown, please add this place in your bucket list.Tunday kababi is very hygienic , tourist friendly and cheap.

Mughal's Dastarkhwan

Dastarkhwan is my favourite restaurant for non veg  in Lucknow . Dastarkhwan own's two outlet's in Lucknow , one is in Gomti Nagar and other one is in Lalbagh.

"Dil ne Dastarkhwan bichaya Daawat -e-Ishq hai" very much relatable to our situation but this time there is a correction instead of Daawat-e-Ishq there should be Daawat-e-cuisine.They have many options in mutton, chicken and veg.If you want to eat good chicken in town then you can prefer dastarkhwan.   


Any chicken biryani lover in the house??

If you love biryani like Pakistani cricketer then this restaurant is right choice for you.They serve curries and kebabs also but at the same time you are getting better quality of food at a same price so , don't compromise with the Taste go for best and leave the rest.   

Open Air Restaurant

Open air is one of the famous chains of restaurant in Lucknow.In gomtinagar open air and dastarkhwan are adjacent to each other inspite of this there is always rush .open air is basically famous for Mughlai cuisine as Dastarkhwan and the taste are more or less same of both restaurants , open air offers open air sitting also.

Manish Eating point and Ananya restaurant

Manish and Ananya are in Patrakar Puram , Gomti Nagar .Basically they are  famous for rolls and wraps but they also serve curies and biryanis .They are also a good alternate to restaurants mentioned above.

I known lucknowites are missing the taste of these restaurants but fortunately they are available on Swiggy and zomato. So you can now enjoy the same taste at your homes  in lockdown.They are taking order on these apps.This post was basically focused on Non-veg cuisines.

Hasta la vista amigos!!!!!!!  


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