• Sameer Kumar Singh


Updated: May 29, 2020

Hola amigos!!!!

How are you.I hope you all are fine and healthy , this is a very hard for all the people in the world as we all known why because of corona well it sounds like beer but this is a serious issue and everyone is affected but in coming days it will be worse for all of us and all this does not happen suddenly china gave sufficient time to this virus to grow , I don't known what will happen to China when things will become normal as this virus affected many powerful countries and many people are dying and in some countries economy is at the verge of getting, all this look like a horrible dream but this is a bitter truth.Many diplomats are saying this could lead us to world war 3 or many countries will boycott china and this will be worse for China well I'm not the right person to talk about diplomatic things.

This is a rise of new era , a era in which you will see faces covered with mask, AI and Robots are in every sector , people will think twice before handshakes ,like smart phones you have to carry hand wash or sanitiser with you all the time . can you imagine cinema halls , clubs , stadiums without crowd but these all palaces will witness this in upcoming days and there is a high chance of Indian currency will be getting changed with new currency in which you will see Ghandi ji is wearing mask on his face.

It is a communicable disease , if vaccine is also available in market then also you have to follow social distancing and cover your face with mask. No one had ever imagined that this day will also come to their life.Now most of the things are online from school to office and now days start up are more focused on online world.Many Tech leading companies are now working on project based on robots and AI like Facebook , Spacex , Canvas, Sarcos and few days back Facebook purchased 9.9% shares of jio telecom company as it is very profitable , smart move Mark bro well now more and more robots will be used in those field where human interaction is compulsory like hospitals and restaurants.

Now you have to say no to parties , social gathering and trends will change on Instagram

snapchat and Facebook , people will upload there photos with #mask ,#face mask , #mask on face and in India many companies are thinking to imply work from home permanently as workers are happy and in education system there will be a drastic change because of this virus.Many workers in India lives there life on a daily wages they are suffering and from now they have to bear it.Pan masalas will be banned in India and Indian government is trying their best in fact everyone whether it is a doctor or police everyone is doing great job and their hard work will be not compromised and everyone who is reading this please follow social distancing , cover your face when you are outside because this is for you , you have to follow.

Many companies are growing in this lockdown , they are making double profit as compared to old days like Tik Tok , You Tube , Netflix, amazon , zoom , google meet , social media and telecom networks.

Lockdown destroyed life of many people but at the same time some people or industries are benefited by it.

So, prepare yourself to see a new era , to get used to new lifestyle and changes are taking place slowly-slowly you can observe in your surrounding.

Be safe and keep practicing social distancing.



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