• Nikhil Pal

How to Earn money online

Hola amigos!!! I hope you stay safe from Covid-19 and be protective keep following social distancing and many more precautions.  If you want to earn money and wants to utilise your time during lockdown then you are at the right way. ENJINIA helps you to grow.

Earning is the basic need of all. Everyone wanted to earn more and more, to live the life he wanted. Earning money is essential to living luxuries and comforts.  I just want to say that earning money is very easy but keep patience in it.

During lockdown, people get bored and irritated everyone who wanted to earn something during the lockdown have to use the following methods that anyone can use to earn from home and quarantine yourself and work from home. Freelancing:-  It is one of the best online earning platform. One who need for money and have skills related to work i.e website development, programming and many other projects like data entry and many more online jobs apply for the online work you have to bid for the given projects and give a portfolio to your profile after that the project owner comes to you and give detail structure of the project you have to work and submit it before the date and if your work inspired him he will pay you. YouTube:- It is the also best way to explore yourself and entertain yourself and also earn money. It is also in one of the best ways. In which you can upload your videos teach many things and skills create your own followers and online tutorials for many things, but you have to know some basics as you earn money by showing ads in your video for this you have to use Google Adsense and follow his rules. Blogging:-

 It is the also one of the best ways to create your own blog and index it into the search engine if it ranks high and people visits more to your site you earn more money. Google much more support in creating and earnings and also easy maintenance to your site. You have to go through the blogger or WordPress for that the main thing you have to do patience for online earning.

Learn new skills:-

If you are enjoying on learning new things and experience new modern world by online medium then it is a better way to utilise time and learn new things as many programming languages, creating a website, maintaining data pages, security to your data, learn new technology and arrivals of artificial technology helps you to grow yourself up and better than past.

Affiliate marketing:- When your website is created and ranks high there are many new visitors to your site then you can also promote your site to marketing by showing ads to your site, and when a person buys products from your ads then you earn some money from marketings. Kindle eBooks:- Everyone wanted to write something and think what you write is published and sell into the market and you make money, Kindle eBooks is one of the best platform for you in this you can sell your books according to your price. You can earn money from that also.

Content writing:-

If you have capabilities to write on a content then there are many projects in freelancing that

promotes you towards content writing and easily earn money from that.

Selling products online:-

If you are a businessman and you make products then for more selling you have to available it online which helps you to sell products according to your price range and you also earn money from that there are many platforms which provide that facilities are as Flipkart, Amazon and many more online stores. Reviews on many products:-

You can also create a niche to go through reviews on many products as mobile, phone, laptop, software, app, and website or many more your reviews may help anyone and you can also make money from that by creating more traffic into your niche. Online earning money is the best way to make your business and you more towards earning money you can also promote online work as a part-time job. It gives you more facilities. Enjoy your life with your family and friends and also earn money at home by online. Hasta la vista Amigos!!!!..


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