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How to get organic traffic in lockdown Top SEO Tips and Tricks

Updated: May 29, 2020

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Hope you are all safe, taking measure and enjoying your time with your family during lockdown.

If you want to grow your business, your article, your organic traffic of the contents then you are at the right place. ENJINIA helps you to grow up in every situation.

When you have to start a business then there is no competitor of your, it helps you to grow quick.

The SEO means Search Engine Optimization it helps you to grow your online business, your online content to the more people and you get more organic traffic.

Some special measures to SEO's are:-

  • Create quality content.

  • Keywords

  • Use social media.

  • Blog regularly

  • Recommend to blogosphere

  • Meta tag's

  • Image SEO's

  • Use backlink's

  • Use data for Optimization results.

Create quality content

The first thing is that your content is for your client, your reader that is helpful for your reader not for Google. You have to encourage your audience that you are here for them to provide them right content and aware them for any help. Always give what they actually want, your support.


Keywords the main thing to grow your SEO . First you have to find a problem to your audience then research upon that particular problem and make a keyword from that questions. Use those keywords in your article highlights them and use many times as possible. The more use of keywords the more results you see.

Use Social Media

You all know how social media effects in every individual life the more and more audience go through the social media the social media is like a national games where every people visits across 1 million type a week, and if you go through the social media for your traffic then Google also engage your article and increase many more chance to rank your article.

Blog regularly

The daily you work the daily you will move a step forward towards your success. When you regularly go through your article the audience believe in you the audience loves your article. The traffic increase day by day and Google also noticed you as a permanent member and rank you in the Google.

Recommend to blogosphere.

The title of the heading verify you about the contents that you have to understand your audience,read their mind and emotions you have to read, comment and link to the other blog posts , this helps you to grow a lot.

Meta tag

When you go through web then meta tag is more necessary for you . The meta tag is when you go through the html part of the web. The meta tags are helps a lot in SEO of the Google. Google always recommend to the meta tags. It is defined in the head part of your html.

Use backlinks

The backlinks play the best role in your SEO. Backlinks means that the link of Another web page to your site and more backlinks means highest rank in the Google search engines. Always try to create more backlinks as possible always take permission of the admin of the other website for backlinks.

Use data for Optimisation results

Always use to measure your position in the public hence you have to use Google analytics and many more analysis tools and security this helps you to grow more and how you have increased your traffic. This gives you more motivation to you. This is the best way to grow your SEO or organic traffic go through these ones for better results of your site. Hasta la vista Amigos!!!!!.... Thanks for reading..


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