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Introduction of robotic during lockdown

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Hope you are all safe and enjoying in our respective places during lockdown. The technology is continuously increasing day by day the AI not affected by the lockdown. There is a vast relationship between medical and technology is grown, many medical treatment done by technologies.

During the lockdown and the novel coronavirus effects the robotic introduce in the medical treatment they work like a nurse and serve all the patients only by mobile phones this helps in creating a social distance between the human and helps to safe from Covid-19. The robotic machine moves automatically to patient rooms and operation theatres, covering all critical surfaces with the right amount of UV-C light to kill specific viruses and bacteria. In a typical patient room, 99.99 % of all viruses and bacteria are killed within 10 minutes. For safety reasons, the robot works on its own and auto disengages the UV-C light if someone enters the room. Robots have a great potential of supporting us in the current severe corona pandemic, said by  Dr. Susanne Bieller, general secretary of the IFR. They helps and support us in healthcare environments, but also in the development, testing and production of medicine, vaccines and other medical devices and auxiliaries with Speedy delivery. Autonomous robots are becoming more common in hospital , where they can be used to deliver supplies throughout the facility. The COVID-19 pandemic presents even more reason to use mobile operating robots for the safe distribution of hospital materials in quarantine zones. During the crisis, drones have been deployed to enforce curfews and provide security surveillance, increasing sales of the robotic devices to government agencies. In the short term, to enforce quarantine mandates, governments will need to increase their security apparatuses, as well as the productivity of their medical agencies, ABI Research notes. The increasing technologies help us to cure from any disease quickly and their support helps us to cure easily from the novel coronavirus and Robots can tackle the three Ds they helps in safing from novel coronavirus effects and many more.  Technology helps to maintain your life style and health.

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