• Nikhil Pal

Julia- The emerging programming language

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We are going to discuss about the emerging programming language “JULIA” ,It is a high level programming language, having high performance and dynamic level language. Julia is a general language and can be used to write any application.

It is developed by Jeff Bezanzson,Alan Edelman, stepfan karpinski viral B shahand many other contributors. The Julia programming language was first appeared in 2012, before 8 years. The stable release of Julia programming language is released on 14 April 2020. It is implemented on C,C++. Julia is a web browser support for javascript and web assembly and Julia also works on Android. Julia programming language is mainly used for data science and mathematical calculation, statics and etc . This programming language is very fast and easy to learn. In india around 13,000,000 users used Julia as primary language. Julia can be examined for machine learning, visualisation and data science.

Operating system

Julia programming language works on Linux,Macos, Windows.


Julia's official website is juliaLang.org


Julia programming language extension is .jil .

Is Julia better than python

As we see nowadays python is a trending programming language but we are going to reveal that Julia is faster than python in mathematical calculation like algebra and matrix calculations but as a general script programming language python is better , Julia beats python by it's weakness not by it's strength.

Julia has a disadvantage of not having object oriented programming language but it behaves like a functional programming language.

Why to use Julia

We have to use Julia programming language by these facts:-

  • Fast and quick programming language for mathematical calculation.

  • It's compostable

  • It execution on technical computing.

  • It's dynamic programming language

  • Easy to learn.

  • It solves the problem of two languages as C/C++.

Be prepare to learn and code on this emerging programming language.

Companies using Julia Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle. With these top companies picking the program, Julia is now growing with these higher companies. If you are a full stack developer or front end developer then Julia programming language is useful for you because it is a high random boost faster and powerful programming language.


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