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Life Hacks-#1

Updated: May 28, 2020

Hola amigos!!!

Travelling in India and staying connected to the world at the same time may be a difficult task but today i’m going to tell you how you can travel across any state of India without losing connection.

How are you guys?I hope you all are fine and healthy.


Buy now: Travelwifi

This product is a masterpiece,wherever you travel, it doesn't matter because it helps you to stay connected in remote areas , while traveling by train or the area where network issues are a permanent problem in india.

No worries. No roaming charges. Just connected and in touch wherever you are, whenever you need, with the devices you rely on everyday.You can find this product on travelwifi and the good thing is that you can use this product on rent and this is the most amazing option from travelwifi.

So in my opinion this product should be in your bag and doesnt matter if you are a traveller or not you should try it once.

These days powerBanks are becoming more and more popular and it is also known as a battery on the go so it doesn't matter if you have electricity or not you can keep your phone and laptop charged so that your work doesn't get affected and in the field of  travelling this product is a lifeline for travellers.

1.Ambrane Stylo 20K

Buy now: Amazon

First and the last choice if you are running low on budget because Ambrane always comes up with the best on a low budget price segment .

Ambrane stylo 20k  is a 20000mAh powerbank, with a high density polymer battery and it gives you 2 output and input cords,type C / micro USB for charging your c types and micro USB phone at the same time.Built quality of this power bank is very strong and premium.So you can consider ambrane if you are planning to buy a new powerbank.

2.Mi power bank 2i

Buy now:Amazon

Mi 2i is a 20000mAh powerful powerbank and it comes with 18w fast charging in three different color Blue,Red and sandstone black.LIke ambrane, Mi also gives you 2 input and output support system for type C and micro USB and built quality is strong and sandstone black color gives premium look to this product.I highly recommend you to buy Mi 2i because in this price segment you won't be finding any better option than this and with this type of features like fast charging support , premium look , handy design ,easy to carry and now you can charge your bt device like headphones ,speaker and all sort of bt devices can be now charged with Mi 2i.

Photography is an essential part of traveling while traveling you want to capture all the beauties and vibes of that place in a photo and every wants their photo to be clicked nice and have some DSLR effect and clicked using different lens but for all of us buying DSLR and different types of lens is not possible because of the budget issue but don’t worry i’m here to help you out from this situation what if i tell you that you can click same type of photos clicked by DSLR  by using your smartphones.

iVoltaa iVMO-2PL

Buy now: Amazon

ivmo-2pl is two in one lens, wide angle and micro view.It can be very useful for photographers and bloggers as you don't have to carry the heavy lens all the time with you to take a perfect shot and it comes with a handy case so wherever you travel you can take it with you.

ITRUE 26X 4K HD Universal Zoom Mobile Phone Telescope Telephoto External Smartphone Camera Lens

Buy now:Amazon

iTrue provides you zoom upto 26x and you don't have to compromise with quality after zooming.Light weight , handy so that you  don't have any problem when you carry it while travelling.

If you are an animal lover or you are among those peoples who likes to capture natural beauty in photos then this utility can be useful to you.You can click photo of that objects which seems to point object from naked eyes like moon, insects and etc.

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