• Nikhil Pal

Lockdown: Psychological effects on social and mental health

Hola amigos!! Hope you are safe and well as we all know about the effect of Covid-19 is spread into the whole world there are about 2.7 billion people are at their home the whole world is shutdown ,the streets that are full of crowd are pin drop silence now ,because everyone is scared by that painful and mercyless virus. People prisoned themselves to safe their families , neighbours and their country.

 Everyone wants to free from this prison by thinking about their past as the visit to a restaurants and many more many people also enjoyed this lockdown for a while days but now it's all over , no one wants to rest more in their home because they have curiosity to see the real world what's happening around them.

Now there will be some hours left to open lockdown but many people are still worried about lockdown extension and many of them were enjoying and planning about their step out from home and to visit places and do something existing. But we have to stay safe because the virus doesn't fully destroyed.. so be safe.

How lockdown effects on human psychology

Social Effects

The people which do not have any type of income source as labour whi earn and eat, their daily routine is based on these 

Facts. This time their family has no income they are about to die with hunger.

The children which are away from their parents due to studies have a lot of depression and many high stress level .

The labour from other state migrate towards their home but they have no transportation . The main outcome of the lockdown is on hunger and poverty.

Mental Effects

The people's inside their home are feels like in a prison during lockdown and the person who is in prison having very agressive nature and they easily and for a little mistake their anger is at high level. The family relationships effects lockdown. In many countries divorce rate is many time higher and according to investigation the curse giving to the women's if house is increasing continuously.

Let us keep safe and respect our corona warrior. And be +. Hasta la vista amigo!!!!!!


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