• Sameer Kumar Singh


Updated: May 13, 2020

NOTE: There is nothing personal to anyone.This is my personal experience , what I have experienced in my first year of engineering in Biet Jhansi.

In a students life , college life and school life is very interesting and important phase of a life.After 2 -3 months admission for colleges will be going to start and exactly one year ago I was in this phase , every student wants to go in IIT's , NIT's , GFTI's or same good private college of India and off course I was one of them but after one year of engineering I came to known it doesn't matter whether you are from iit or nit because many people are doing well

in their life without having a degree well this is ironical.

I was depressed and all day I used to think I don't have a future , I will not get good exposure as I always want to be a entrepreneur , my life is waste ,why I haven't studied well for my entrance exams all these were coming in mind but fortunately I have filled the form of UPSEE 2019 and I got Biet Jhansi but I was not satisfied because for 3 years I was preparing for institutes like iit and nit and in the end I got this but there is a say something is better than nothing. so without wasting a second I Packed my bag and landed up in Jhansi.

I was not expecting any thing from college but before coming to Jhansi I have googled about college unfortunately I found nothing relevant and in YouTube there was a video of college tour by Anjul sir, after watching that I thought this is nice I can expect something from college now. My parents came with me drop me and when I enter through the main gate my first impression was nice nice very nice everywhere is greenery , this place is so quite and beautiful nice after that we head to Vrindavan hostel which is first year boys it was different from my exception I tell you why , I entered in my allowed room very nice no problem I liked it there was a table , a bed and a cupboard great I don't have any problem with this because my major issue was washroom I ran to check whether it is ohk or not , trust me I didn't counted the scattered pieces of my heart it still pains but not my heart ,there was no shower no western style commode are they sick, we are living in 21st century they should have change it but I had no options so I decided to compromise and my college life started from next morning , I'm very shy type of a person and a bit introvert so when all my batch mates were busy in making interactions with each other , I was busy in my own world ,still I haven't interacted with many of them well now time came for Abhinandan 2019.This is a event of cultural sub council or you can say its a type of a freshers and I was the part of a skit in this event, I have never done this before but college is place where you have to explore so jumped in audition and got selected and I miss those days because I will not get those days back in my life . Ram sir ,Manish sir , Akshit sir , shreyash sir , Ritesh sir , Badal sir , Anmol sir they are gem of skit fraternity always ready to help , I have learned many things from them and I will keep learning from them and all senior's of this fraternity are talented but these are my priorities.

Days were passing I was getting familiar with the culture of college , different colleges have different type of culture . I joined basketball as a sports and thank you to every single person, every single senior sir of basketball for teaching me specially Arpit sir , Saurabh sir , prince sir, Ashwini sir, Abhisek Kumar sir , Sahil sir , Prashant sir , Sharad sir , Aryendra sir, Atul sir, Krishna sir , Hemant sir and Parth for bearing me because my game is very horrible and they have supported every time.

Life at Biet is cool , challenging but peaceful , every one is talented in Biet respective to their categories .I have interacted to many seniors and I have seen them they are so much passionate and hard working .In last one year I have made some friend with same madness and made good memories.

I wanted to write more but It will become boring because I have made so much good memory in Biet Jhansi , I was missing Biet so I decided to write this personal blog.


Be safe and keep practicing social distancing.




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