• Sameer Kumar Singh

My Opinion: Youtube vs Tik Tok

Updated: May 23, 2020

Hola amigos!!!!

How are you amigos by now you might have got an idea about today's post .Yes today's post is about YouTube vs Tik Tok well you all must be bored in this lockdown right but I have some suggestions for you recently two new trailers had launched Ghoomketu ,"GULABO SITABO"and the trailer of Christopher Nolan's "Tenet" please go and watch them on YouTube inspite of seeing shity and cringe videos on Tik Tok in my opinion if you want to see shit why to waste your data simply do one thing keep a watch on street dogs or on your pet dog, when he/she is about to shit record a video of that thing and whenever you want to see a Tik Tok videos you simply open that recorded video and Bingo, see I just saved your data and it is much better to see that video rather than watching Tik Tok.

It all just started with a small conflict but now this conflict is turned up into a war and many you-tubers ,memers and social media influencers are now in this war with Tik Tok and I don't known what is wrong with the youtube because when you see carryminati's old video's and when you compare with the deleted one (which was a roast on Amir Siddique), you will find no difference It was a normal roast but YouTube deleted that video stating human violation.I didn't find any sort of human violation in that video but in my opinion there could be 2 reasons :

  • Carryminati's video was going to become most liked "non musical Video" and it was from an Indian you-tuber may be YouTube didn't like this, may be a possible reason.

  • Tik Tok is now a market of $75 billion and power comes with the money so there is a high chance that Tik Tok influence YouTube to delete that video.

Now let's talk about the content and influence of tiktokers , you are promoting rape, making a 15 sec video without any sense ,violation of animal act , putting 1000kg of powder on face and doing mujra and you call yourself a influencer look this is not a content, you think promoting rape is content then I don't know from which society you are because this is a crime and You know what I can't differentiate in a barber and tiktokers because they all look same, blonde hair and skinny pants.

I don't remember the date but last year Supreme Court banned Tik Tok from the play store but after few days they lifted the ban and now the rating of Tik Tok was 1.6 till yesterday on google play store but when I checked today it is 1.6 and 1 million review is deleted and all these thing are pointing towards only one thing that Tik Tok is influencing the system.

This was my opinion on Youtube vs Tik Tok .Please tell yours in the comment box.

Be safe and keep practicing social distancing.

Hasta la vista amigos!!!!


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