• Sameer Kumar Singh

My Routine: Lockdown Special

Hola amigos!!!!

How are you guys, I hope you all are fine and spending quality time with your family in this lockdown. Today this post is based on my schedule or to be more precise my lockdown routine well thank you so much for showing your love and support, thank you to each and every person who reads my blog and fictional content. Due to lockdown, I'm not following a fixed schedule but what I'm going to share with you all is likely the same routine which I follow daily.

My morning starts at 10:00 Am immediately after waking up my first thing is to check the updates of previous day post like views and comments, Facebook and Instagram. After that I discuss what we will be going to post today with Nikhil, about quality content and all these stuff related to ENJINIA then I go for brunch, usually, I prefer coffee and uthappam for brunch after having my brunch now most important phase of my day writing a post for the blog and sometimes fiction stories. so, I open my MacBook and start writing what's in my mind about the post which will be going to publish it generally takes 3-4 hrs to write a post because you have to think what you are writing is a good content, are people going to love this and many other things I have to keep in mind before writing a post.

After publishing the post, now I'm free so in my free time I love to read, right now I'm reading Deep Work by Cal Newport and alternatively I am learning and playing piano chords on Casio it is a good way to keep yourself away from stress and depression during these days and I'm having fun while learning new themes and songs, till now I had learned Bella Caio, Godfather starting theme, Teri mitti, Mahabharat theme, Tum hi ho and I'm planning to record a video for Instagram, very soon I'll be uploading a short video, if you are not following me on Instagram then please go and follow me.

This is "LUNGI" not a towel.

In the evening I usually talk with my friends about college stuff and some casual talks on a voice call or video call with a cup of coffee after this I edit my photos for Instagram and Facebook then I go for dinner after dinner I usually surf the internet and check Instagram and then I go to bed at 2:00 Am. This is my current routine and I know I haven't mentioned any workout or yoga time due to some problem right now I have advised not to do a vigorous physical activity but I suggest you if you are doing yoga well and good if not please add-in you routine because it helps a lot in all prospectus of life. Currently, we are working on many ideas for fictional content as well as blog so please stay connected and keep sharing our content.


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Be safe and keep practising social distancing.

Hasta la vista amigos!!!!


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