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New Announcements

Hola amigos!!!

How are you guys? I hope you all are fine and safe at your respective places.First of all apologies to everyone for not publishing a single post from the last 3 days but now we are here to promise you that from now we'll be publishing 2 to 3 posts per day. This post is an announcement of what we have planned for you all.

Dicee App in Android studio

Starting with Tech first, in this section you will be getting post like how technology can make your life easy and productive ,tips and tricks to become a good android app-developer ,how to make your personal website or a portfolio from scratch and many more exciting things related to technology ,coding and development.So to all my techie folks please hold your seat as upcoming posts will be going to be a blast.

Travel and food blog:

We will be publishing travel and food posts simultaneously like if I'm covering jhansi or manali then food posts will be based on these places ,it sounds interesting to me and I'm sure you will also love it.

I’ll be starting from jhansi then Kota and then lucknow,varanasi,surat,ahmedabad,manali,kullu,shimla,amritsar,bangalore,mangalore,ooty,mysore,dehradun,mussoorie,haridwar,rishikesh,rudraprayag,karnaprayag,kedarnath,udaipur,jaipur,mumbai,nagpur,goa,delhi,kheerganga trek, auli and etc.From kashi vishwanath to bangalore,from the lakes of nainital to mountains of uttarakhand covered with a thick sheet of snow , You will be experiencing all those things which i had experienced and you will be living those days with me through the posts so get ready because  something big is coming in your way.

Fictional content:

Now it's time for a story , as you all know till now I have published 3 stories based on different plots, if you haven't read till now then please go and read them first , every Thursday we come up with a new story and this Thursday Also we will be doing the same and i have already written 2 plots ,seniors and angel Priya and i'm very excited to publish it.

Upcoming Fictional content:

  • Seniors

  • Angel priya

  • Karma

  • Fuddu

So please turn on your notification of your phones and follow us on instagram and facebook to stay connected because if you miss it then this is your fault.

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Be safe and keep practicing social distancing.

Hasta la vista amigos!!!


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