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Amazon prime latest series “Paatal lok” launched

Updated: May 15, 2020

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I hope you all are safe and protected from novel coronavirus effects. You realise that you are getting bored into the lockdown at your home then don't get worry because Amazon prime, Netflix , Hotstar and many others are Coming with an extra ordinary series that entertain us today we are going to discuss about the Patal lok the Amazing Amazon series.

Patal lok officially released on Amazon prime video and here comes with the details review of the Patal lok.

Patal lok the Amazon prime web series produced by Anushka Sharma and sponsored by clean slate movies. This film comes with the great ideas. This is casted by Jaideep Ahlawat ,Neeraj Kabi  , SwastikaMukherjee ,Abhishek Banerjee and Gul Panag.

Patal lok stories would inevitably involve carhijackings and robbery by people at gunpoints,Even kidnapping. But the ‘Outer Jamuna Paar’ police station is where Hathi Ram Chaudhary has been posted as a officer. And that is where our story begins.

It is a type of punishment posting, he’s sure, after a career filled with nothing but relegation and regret. But then, Hathoda Tyagi presents him with the biggest case of his life ever. Recognising it as a sign from above, Hathi Ram jumps headfirst into the case, about the attempted assassination of a  we first prominent.At first sight, the cynical Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhury is, like Morgan Freeman’s Detective Somerset in Se7en, giving a rookie a rambling lecture on the irredeemable nature of human beings. The world is divided into three real parts, he tells the precocious junior cop Imran Ansari — the ‘svarg lok’ (heaven), where the gods reside; in the middle there is the Earth as  ‘dharti lok’, which is where men like Hathi Ram and Imran live; and at the bottom is the ‘paatal lok’,  as the hell from which vermin occasionally escape and wreak havoc above. “Waise toh yeh shastron mein likha tha, par maine WhatsApp pe padha,” Hathi Ram quips journalist.

This is based on the social impacts of black markets and something black marketing kidnapping and many more other  crimes done in the social  environment


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