• Sameer Kumar Singh


Hola Amigos!!!!

Disclaimer: This work is pure form of fiction and based on the imagination of the writer.

I had never thought about who made me cry on the first day of my college. One day they would be the reason for my shed tears.They were standing on the other side of the college main gate, everything was looking blurred because of tears in my eyes.

Hi, I'm Rohan Jaiswal,3rd year student of chandimal and  ghatothkach international college and i’m a badass bandit .Ignore the last lines Usually, I speak less but this is my story so I can write anything I want. Well I was very excited to go college , I had heard a lot and watched movies about colleges that In college you have freedom ,new friends and off course girls.I used to dream whole day about when that day will come ,when my college will start and how will i introduce myself to girls, in Srk style like rohan..you must have heard the name or my name is rohan and i’m a badass bandit,who will steal your heart well i am so obsessed with bollywood that even now my train is at same station from last 3 years.

That day also came for what I was waiting for so long. I was standing in front of the college gate and I couldn't express my feelings in words, what I was feeling at that time,I was going through a mixed type of feeling Happy,excited and anxious but I don't understand why in college name” international’  word is used because there is a stable next to college which gives you the fresh smell of cow dung and the hostel rooms are so old that seems like they never renovated it.Finally i reached to my allotted hostel “CAGICH-3” thank god,now i have to find my room fortunately i find  a guy in boxer with the cap on his head and 2-3 heavy locket in neck, i called him.

Rohan: bro please help me out, i am new here and i can’t find my room.

Puru: Call me ptr,tell me your room no.

Rohan:nice name,ptr.202

Puru: Well my real name is Purshotam and i’m a rapper so i changed my name to ptr(puru the rapper) and what did you say 202, i think 2nd floor room no 2.

Rohan: Thank you and nice to meet you ptr.

Puru: Wait where are you going, have you lost your mind, do you have any idea about the 1st and 2nd floor?

Rohan:What no but why i can't go.

Puru:You have to take permission from them and then you can go 

Rohan: From whom,stop quizzing and come to the point.

Puru:People say they come in hordes like wolves come in flock,and we don't take their name,they are scary and stay away from them.

When puru was explaining it seemed like he was reciting a scary story holding a lantern in his hand and the lantern was throwing light on his face.

Rohan: Till now i didn't get it.

Puru(In gloomy tone): "SENIORS"

And after 2-3 sec a voice comes  from behind freshies and after listening that ptr ran like he has seen any ghost or has a race with Usain bolt ,next morning and he has to  defeat him but his bad luck he got bumped  into a pillar and shattered on the ground. 

I hope you liked it, stay connected next part will be publishing on this Sunday ,if you like my work then please share my work with your family and friends and comment down what are your opinions after reading this story.




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