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Hola amigos!!!

Disclaimer: This work is pure form of fiction and based on the imagination of the writer.If you haven't read first part then please go and read it before reading this part.

And after 2-3 sec a voice comes  from behind freshies and after listening that ptr ran like he has seen any ghost or has a race with Usain bolt ,next morning and he has to defeat him but his bad luck he got bumped  into a pillar and shattered on the ground.

The one who was calling us was divider. I will tell you later why people call him with this alias but his real name is Mohan jodhariya,2nd year computer science student,wants to become an entrepreneur,fat guinea pig and always hunting for food,he is a man with abilities of dog because whenever anyone brings any sort of eating material he smells it from any corner of hostel and get to know in that room there is  something to eat and exactly the same this happened that day.

Divider: You seems to new in this hostel what is your name

Rohan: Sir my name is rohan..you must have heard the name.


Rohan: Never mind,no problem sir.

Divider:ptr i have told you many times that don’t roam here and there at night see now he got scared of you.I think rohan, you have something to eat in your bag.

Rohan:Yes sir you want.

Ptr(muttering): Poor child

Divider(muttering): Huuh, You moron what do you think ,i have come so far to see you.

Ptr(In a rushy tone): Sir he is new and he is facing problems while finding his room. You help him, I want to go to the bathroom. It's urgent

Divider:No one will go anywhere i will help what is your room no 


After this conversation we start climbing stairs and when we reach at first floor divider said wait first you have to take permission and then he took us to Room no 102.Room no.102 was looking like a bar everywhere Chinese led light, exotic posters on the wall and in fact there was not a single book in that room.I was shocked what the hell they had created a room into a bar.Later on i came to know that 102 was allotted to Devdas now you all are thinking who is Devdas, He is student of civil engineering,he was in the relationship with a bengali girl ,“Loolita”  but she dumped him and next day she got patched up with a guy from mechanical  because last year a guy from mechanical engineering got highest package from our college and after this incident his life changed from Shobhit Sarbal he became Devdas.

Devdas:  New faces,How can i help you? You want me to make a peg for you. Small,extra small,patiala,medium,Devdas special or Extra large tell me which one would you like to drink. 

Divider: No sir, they are here for your permission.

Devdas: Divider, have you brified them about the permission culture.

Divider: I haven't.

Devdas: Divider, i will handle them and please get lost from here you dumbass pig,you are good at only one thing and that is nothing.

Divider: Rohan ,I want you to give me those snacks.

I said sure and he took my bag with him.What the fuck what type of human he is.

Devdas:Rules are very simple. You have to present a talent in front of me and then you can go.Lets start with you.what is your name you seem to like a rapper.

Ptr:Yes sir, My name is ptr.

Yo yo maserati

I want maserati

I sing maserati

I play maserati

Yo yo maserati

Devdas:That's it and you call yourself a rapper,this is not rap,this is a fuking shit and what about you, what's your name

Rohan: Rohan..you must have heard the name

Devdas: NO

Rohan:Never mind sir,no problem.

Devdas:What’s your talent.

Rohan: Sir I can  make pictures on the wall while peeing,I was a champion in dustbin basketball in my school ,I can sleep 20 hrs in a day like this there are numerous talents in me.

Devdas(In Frustrated tone): You both seem to be a complex creature. Do one thing i am giving you a task to perform and then you can go.Rohan you have twerk while ptr will sing sa re ga ma pa and you both have to do this in sync.

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