• Sameer Kumar Singh

The Jail Cafe

Updated: May 29, 2020

Hola amigos!!!!.We have started a new series in food category , Famous theme based chains of cafes and restaurants in India. Now days  cafes are prioritise for meeting, dates, birthday parties, reunions and all this sort of  this things well many love stories have started in cafes and ended up in cafes.Imagine you were sleeping on your bed last night and the next morning you landed up in a jail ,what a horrible dream but what if I tell you now jails are the coolest place for hanging out these days.Yes I'm taking about The Jail Cafe and I guess now you can find this cafe in almost every states in India.In this post I'm going to share my experience and what is my opinion about this jail.

I think as far as I remember one year back I have visited to this cafe with my friend(Disclaimer:This was not a date actually I'm pursuing engineering  this word  is enough to explain my situation). Jail cafe is in Patarkar Puram in gomtinagar , Lucknow  and hardly  takes 15 min drive from my place but there is always issue for parking so I always prefer Ola for reaching these locations.

My first reaction when I reached to cafe , oh shit this is real how anyone can think like this a jail based theme cafe.while entering the cafe I was felling like I was going to a real jail without committing any crime , first thing I have noticed after entering there was a hanging noose it was scary , I was thinking If I could not  pay the money after lunch, would they hang me ? well jokes apart.

There was many small cabin for sitting  and they were so perfectly designed that they resemble like a cell of jail. Interiors was impressive ,there  was photo of Amitabh  Bachchan in prisoners uniform on wall, famous Bollywood dialogues written on wall , numbers related to jail everything was placed and managed perfectly that you can feel like you are in a jail but with modern vibes. Waiters was in prisoners uniform and guard at gate were jailers uniform , hand cuff and cap is also provided them to give you a real feeling.

They have so many things to serve like soup, breakfast , main course, beverages in every categories there are continental , Chinese , India oh my god and the main course they have so much of varieties like in continental  chicken steak , mutton steak , grilled fish , greek moussaka , in Chinese pad Thai noodles , ginger corn rice , Thai green curry. if i start mentioning all the dishes for that this post is not enough.we ordered murgh kalimirch , Tawa paneer , kadai Veg and  gaon fish curry in main course , soups - Cream of chicken and at end pancakes and fruit cream , I had eaten too much that I can't walk properly for 2-3 mins.

Food was nice I won't be saying that It was outstanding but it was nice .Pancakes were spongy , tawa paneer was outstanding , Goan fish curry was nice but little bit spicy and I don't like spicy food.

This was my overall experience about The Jail Cafe.I feel like everything was perfect from theme to sitting arrangement but in aspect of food they were on lower side according to my expectations and for sure after lockdown I will be going once again in the jail because it is in my to do list.

I Hope you Enjoyed it please share your experience of The jail cafe in comment box.




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