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Hola amigos!!!! Disclaimer: This is not a normal post or informative post. This is a short fictional plot and nothing to do with the reality.In this post there are 2 parts , Early life and Professional life. 

Hi guys my name is Ziv Rahman and I'm not a good person.Welcome to  2050 and I want to tell you something before moving further ,now Neha Fufiya is the  new prime minister of India and she has implemented new law regarding a women with 5 relationship is now legal because it's her choice , till now there is no official vaccine  for COVID 19 because of which there is 6 months compulsory lockdown in our respective houses.  Now TICTOK is the new national sports of India instead of hockey all credit goes to Hanjul and Fiyaz but I like Hanjul's eyes and lips well there are many things changed over the years.

Part 1

I was born on 28th April 2020 in a poor family ,my father was a cattle herder and when I was 3 years old I lost my mother, she was suffering from brain tumour.I still remember we used to live in a  very small house with 2 rooms and 1 bathroom near doodhpathri in Jammu and Kashmir but I was very different from my father and I never walk on his path , I have my own set of rules for life because I don't want to live  my whole life in  this 4 X 4 house  but unfortunately my dad left me alone with his memories and debt when I was 16 and at this point i was feeling like a fucking idiot who has no idea what to do next and  mind was blank because I was orphaned and  shattered in one night.Days were passing and I was also moving with the flow and one day after 2 years of my fathers death Mir Qadir came to meet me. Mir and my father  was childhood friend and my father has taken money from him but he was also the leader of a local militant group in Srinagar , I thought he is here for his money but this time he has offer for me , Mir wants me to come with him to Srinagar and I have only

one option that is there is no option.

Part 2

 Mir and I reached Srinagar by hiding into truck because whole country was in lockdown. According to polices of lockdown social gathering was prohibited and unnecessary movement was not allowed .Mir's plan was to engage military in Valley and plan and execute terrorist attack and free movement of militants in valley. I came to known very late that I Was the puppet of his plan well in present I was taking the charge of the rallies and recruiting small children for rallies, sometimes things were worse so police have to take charge but overall days were passing everything was going as per the plan and very smoothly.Now I was rich , powerful and famous in valley , drugs and girls were the new toys for me everything was going great I was the new brand in valley but as we say perfect ending never exist. Jammu and Kashmir government was at the verge of collapse because they were fighting with 2 threats militants and corona virus.I was suffering from Tuberculosis  stage 2 because of excessive smoking , Ashama and I was in relationship and Ashama was doctor and she was taking my case. Until this time I came to known Qadir's plan and I was going to tell to police because not every Kashmiri wants  blood on the streets for the sake of name of god,  I live my life on my rules but unfortunately I was late before I can do something Qadir executed the plan , valley was shaken up by 5 serial bomb blast and I was on tv and most wanted terrorist in valley all credit goes to Mir Qadir.It's been 2 months after the blast and I'm changing my hideouts continuously , trying to call Ashama but no response later on I came to know she was in military . I was missing my old days at Doodhpathri ,that lush green grass, the blossoming dawn, the mountains all around and the peace.My life was hell but the real twist was about to come .After 2-3 days I went for medical check up as I was suffering from TB and then I  came to known that I was suffering from colon cancer  and interesting fact is that in my body there were toxic substance which is responsible for colon cancer. Cynodompine is a drug ,when burned and executed directly to the blood it show's affect(6months to 1 year) and responsible for colon cancer.All my research end up with the same results , cigarettes. I smoked my last cigarettes with Mir saheb , Ashama and Taufeek but why Ashama and Taufeek wants to kill me , Ashama was my love and taufeek was my best friend.I had many Question in my brain and time was passing. Now I was the  walking dead body with the time limit of 60 days. It's time to Take revenge.

It was just a small experiment and if it works then I can think about it .Part 3 will be publishing  on Saturday. This is a fictional story so please don't get offended there is nothing to do with the reality.Be safe keep ,Practicing social distancing.

Hasta la vista amigos!!!!!!!


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