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Hola Amigos!!!! Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

It was the year 2050 and now the Congress union was ruling at the heart of this country. Ramu baba and Neha Fufiya was the face of this election campaign and I don't know how he invented that machine which works on principal of  putting  Aallu from one end and from other end you will get samosa, now he was going to install it to the  moon and I was thinking like  what the fuck is going on ,is this reality or I am dreaming.Mir was in Quetta and I swear that I will not leave that hijo de puta.Ashama and Taufeek were still missing.Days were passing and I was losing control on my body.


Ashama was love of my life and I used to become vegetable seller , post man , sweeper just to meet her, to see her . I was that much crazy for her but in the end what did I get a disease which is incurable and was killing me day by day although I was not sure that this disease is gifted by her but now who cares about this shit.I have decided to become a badass motherfucker because I don't have any option everywhere I was a wanted criminal or to be more specific a terrorist.Taufeek was a very brilliant man and brother of Ashama that's why he was working with me , taufeek was to manage funds and keeping records and with time taufeek and my bond was becoming stronger but this was sad Ashama and taufeek was killed by me.Taufeek and Ashama were husband and wife, later on I came to known they were working for military and one random day I got some information that they were hiding in khimber ,now I was the new king after Mir in valley and very powerful.I went to see them with my boys , we reached at that address given by the informer and I wanted to surprise them but unfortunately they surprised me , they were making love in the hall now in this case my love was blind and deaf means now I can't hear and see, she was saying something but who cares I started firing like a child who is playing with his toy gun with same excitement and passion but in my case bullets were real.we fired 7 round of AK 47 on them poor kids , god bless them.See I have told you earlier that I'm not a good person.Everything is fair in love and war but they made my life hell and in my opinion this is not fare.


I wanted to kill Mir at any cost because if he is alive he can plan and execute attacks on valley and I don't want this thing to happen anymore. Qadir was in Quetta and i managed to reached somehow to Quetta and I have only 25 days left.Welcome to the Quetta , Quetta is the capital of  Balochistan , Pakistan and a very beautiful city , full of scenic beauty and the demographic structure of  Quetta will surely attract you ,in winters Quetta is full covered by snow and looks like a heaven, it is  like you are living in a place you have heard in stories.Mir was very powerful man and a international activist killing him was not easy task , I have to take someone's help but I was alone in Quetta and I don't know anyone. Arahm khan , police in chief of Quetta we both had the same visions for Mir. Mr. khan was knowing the hideout of Qadir , we come up with the plan that police mens will engage the guards and I will hit the car to house and bingo!!!!  because in the car there will be 400 kilos RDX and this is more than enough to blow every single  piece of mir's body.I was planing the journey after mir's execution because I was sure about the plan and Mr khan , I wanted to die at my birth place peacefully so , I started  planing but my destiny has planed something different for me. 14th April 2050 D-day( 7 days left in my hand) , Mr khan and I was going according to the plan , Mir was hiding in the old house outside Quetta and 100 men were guarding that house.Police started firing and I start  driving car towards the house before hitting I jumped from the car .BOOM that sound was horrible and I don't think any one is alive inside and it seems like a firework going on.I was very happy and I can't express how I was feeling from inside.I want to make a correction Arahm's vision was to free Quetta from terrorism and for him I was also a terrorist, without wasting any second he pointed the gun on me and fired 3 bullets in my chest the whole life of mine was going like a flashback in my mind. Lying on the road and blood everywhere , from a cattle herder son to international  most wanted terrorist I wanted to laugh on my life but I can't bear that pain Mr khan came to me and asked any last wish at the present moment and I replied yes I want to smoke my last cigarette before I die and he is smiling and pointing gun at my head.


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