• Sameer Kumar Singh

Top 3 places to visit in winters in India

Updated: May 29, 2020

Hola amigos!!!  I hope you all are safe and healthy.These are mine 3 favourite hill stations in India , so please don't quote me on this and among these 3 , Shimla is love. So let's start exploring these places and find out what makes them stand apart from rest of  the hill stations in India. when I was a child I wanted to  go places covered with white layer of sheet, yes snow and till date this fantasy is alive in me. People from south India  and central India can relate me.


Shimla is located  in Himachal Pradesh and it was the summer capital of India in British raj . From Delhi you can easily board to buses going to Shimla and the price of accommodation depends on the season you are visiting, in winter it is slightly on a higher side but not to much expensive that you can't afford a hotel or a dorm.

Mainly hills station in India have a common thing which is Mall Road and trust me Shimla Mall Road is far better than any hill station in India. Shimla has oldest Indian post office of India ,it was built in British time .

There are many places to visit in Shimla . If you want I can write separate blog on Shimla like places to visit , cheapest and best accommodation in Shimla .Fell free to comment down in comment box .


Mussoorie is also known as Queen of the Hills ,  located in Uttarakhand and 34 kilometres from Dehradun.

From Dehradun you can rent a bike or take direct bus to Mussoorie.Like Shimla, In Mussoorie there is also  Mall Road.You can find nike , Adidas, domino's  outlets in Mall Road there is very famous famous omelette shop lovely omelette centre I personally insist you to visit this place they are world famous many starts have eaten their omelette.

There are many place's to visit in Mussoorie like gun hill point, kempty fall , Dhanaulti, Bhatta Falls , municipal garden. I can come up with detailed blog if you want please tell me in comment box.


Auli - Switzerland of India is situated in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand and it can be reached from Dehradun , Rishikesh , Haridwar . Not in winters but in summers also you can visit Auli for scenic beauty lush green mountains.

Recently there was a wedding hosted by Gupta brothers  in Auli , after this Auli is boosted and many people are considering Auli as great destination wedding  capital. 

Auli is also famous for ski and hiking major tourist attraction in Auli is for ski .If you are on tight budget than you can consider Auli over Switzerland. There are cafes, resorts , lake to visit in Auli. Few places I haven't mentioned if you want to known more about Auli comment in comment box.

These were the places you can visit during your winter breaks or in the time period of December -March.Fell free to give feedback in comment box and if you want detailed blog please write it down in comment box and I will be there for you. Be safe , keep practising social distancing.

Hasta la vista amigos!!!!!!


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