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Updated: Nov 2, 2020

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.Title is named in Maori language, in English which means Transgender.

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Welcome back people to TBNT channel I known this break went too long but now we are back so hold your breath and get ready to dive.

PART 3 (2nd half)

Every human on this planet has feelings and I was one of them, day by day my feelings was getting stronger for him like magnet attacks iron and I was going crazy for him like a child of 5 -7 year is crazy for new toy in market and when they don't get it they start crying and it's a human nature you don't have control on it. Days were passing and I was getting frustrated because in industry no one was giving me work and I was only child of my parents so I have to insure that our future is secure. At this time I was 24 and its been 6 years working in theatre but not a single project in my hand and most of the time I was getting same explanation on rejections that people will not like a lead actress as a transgender , people will not accept your acting but who cares I was still trying you never known which day can become a game changer for you. One day raj called me and said congrats Madhu you are going to be a star now , kophra sahib wants you to do a 5 mins role in his upcoming movie it was a big opportunity for me to prove my self and I don't want to explain this because in those day Dinu kophra was a brand so I accepted it. On that day I reached 3 hrs before the shoot to rehearse the role which I was getting on set itself so it was also a surprise for me.

Meanwhile I was very happy , excited and nervous it was a mix type of feeling and I was thinking what type of role they have assigned to me is it a supporting sister of lead or a friend , how my expressions will be going on camera , these thing were popping in my mind but in few minutes my castle made of cards were going to shattered by a wind.

A man from production came to me and give me script of my part and I was shocked after reading that , I ran to assistant director and said what is this and he replied what you are a transgender right and you have to act natural there is a mundan and you have to do natural acting well what do you want a lead role after listing this I got busted and I asked If I don't want to do this he said no problem normal person also act like transgender and I replied smiling right then a transgender can also act as a normal person.


I was really depressed and I don't known what to do with this type of people , I called raj and we went for a drive at Carter Road , it was raining and "dam dam diga diga" song was playing on radio everything was syncing so beautifully that I wanted to dance and suddenly he stoped car and I don't known what happened to him he said he want to dance with me and I replied yes and I was on the seventh floor of the sky he started singing this song and started dancing on the road , that day was best day of my life. Animals also have their love relationship so why not transgenders , from that day my love story also get started and finally raj and Simran was together.We decided to work in theatre and after 1 year we will tie knot with each other .Everything was going smooth and I had dropped my plans and started new life with raj , one random day khuhash dhai called me and said hey Madhu , how are you, I have seen you theatre skills , what a brilliant artist , you act so beautifully and naturally I want to cast you in my next film , I replied as a transgender and he said no no as a friend of lead hero , I was shocked I don't known what to say, one random day will change my whole life I was speechless and In rushy tone I said sure.That was the turning point of my life I did that movie after that many big producers and directors calls was coming now I was a star but of my own kind or to be more precise of my own genre. After that I never look back I work harder and harder and now I'm in-front of you giving interview on national television. Raj is now assistant director and he is currently working on "Pani khatam toilet paper on " and I'm happy for him and currently I am working on "khooni Saas" with khuhash dahi, very excited to work on this script. So , thank you very much TBNT channel for having me on this show and keep showing your love and always remember keep struggling , hustling one day will change every thing.


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